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In addition to being able to embed your chat bots on your own website, and access them from any Android device, you can also access your chat bots through the Bot Libre web API. The web API gives you the advantage of having complete control of your bot's client interface.

You can use the web API to access your bot from your own website through JavaScript, PHP or any other language. You can also use the web API to create your own mobile application to access your bot, such as an Android or iOS application.

A web API, is a set of HTTP GET/POST URI's that allow sending and receiving of message data. When you browse a website, your browser makes a series of HTTP GET/POST requests to URIs that return HTML content. In a web service the URIs return XML or JSON data, instead of HTML content.

The Bot Libre web API provides three REST APIs in one. The first is a set of HTTP GET URIs that take FORM data, and return XML data. The second set of API's take HTTP POST XML data, and return XML data. The third set of API's take HTTP POST JSON data, and return JSON data.

Most applications would use the XML POST API, but some application may choose to use the FORM GET API because of its simplicity. The APIs are identical other than their mechanism.

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