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Did you know Bot Libre also provides 3D avatars and a free web speech API?

Cloud Bot Platform

The Bot Libre Cloud Bot Platform lets you license the Bot Libre bot platform for your own server and clients.

Develop and host bots for web, mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, SMS, email, and more.

Become a bot service provider for your own clients, in your geographic region, or verticle market. Develop and host your own bots, and sell bot hosting and development services.

"Bot are the new apps" - become a bot service provider and join the bot revolution.

Cost$100 per CPU
Support$50 per CPU per month
Source Code$500 full source code license
  • All the features of the Bot Libre platform
  • Customized branding
  • Install on your own servers and infrastructure
  • Web, mobile, social media bots
  • Live chat and forums
  • Host and develop your own bots

Join the bot revolution sales@botlibre.biz.