Download the open source Bot Libre Community Edition and install Bot Libre on your own server

Bot Libre Metaverse

Bot Libre is the open source bot and AI platform for the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is the new vision of the Internet that provides a decentralized 3D ecosystem. The Metaverse combines 3D worlds and spaces, VR, AR, AI, and crypto.

The Bot Libre platform enables influencers, gamers, and businesses to engage the Metaverse by integrating true artificial intelligence and chatbots. Bot Libre bots can interact with users and navigate 3D spaces, Bot Libre provides an extensive API, integrations, and SDKs for popular 3D platforms.

What We Can Do For You

Bot Libre metaverse solutions have templates for an event space, classroom, e-commerce virtual store, meeting space, hangout, medical space, including chatbot avatar templates that are pre-trained to interact with the users in the space. Also, all our products are customizable, which gives you hands-on influence over the creation of AI solutions for your business.

Bot Libre Metaverse Use Cases

  • Virtual venues and conferences
  • Virtual distributed offices and workplaces
  • Virtual shopping centers
  • Virtual universities and education
  • Social and gaming worlds and spaces
Fully immersive virtual experience

Whether it be corporate training, online studies, e-commerce stores, chat, events or gaming, you can get deeply connected and efficient, in a distraction-free zone with Bot Libre.

Efficient Time and Customer Management

With our AI conversational avatars, you can be available to customers and potential buyers 24/7 across a wide range of platforms, as well as share key information to guests inside any virtual 3D event. These include:

  • Provide information on products and services
  • Upsell products and services
Amplify Learning Experience and Improve Learning Outcomes

Through Bot Libre's Animated Chatbots, online learners can educate themselves in an exciting digital and self-paced environment. As we complete our metaverse solutions, you will be able to access a 3D marketplace of tutors and educational content.

Botlibre Features →

AI for the Metaverse - Bot Libre Mozilla Hubs Integration

Mozilla Hubs is a platform that allows users to create their own private 3D virtual spaces. By adding a Bot Libre chatbot to your 3D space, you will provide ease of access to all attendees and prevent any customer or guest from being overlooked.

Beta Program

Why only be a participant in the metaverse? When you can be an active partner? A co-creator of a decentralized 3D Ecosystem that will transform industries and lives.

Sign Up Now For Our Beta Program — Let's Shape the Metaverse Together

If you're accepted to the program, we would help you build your own metaverse space, to include:

  • 3D/VR website
  • 3D Android & iOS app
  • VR Quest app
  • Custom 3D avatar
  • Custom 3D space
  • PLUS integration with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Bot Libre & Metaverse Whitepapers

Metaverse Whitepaper

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