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You can browse and chat with public bots anonymously, but to create your own bot you must create an account by clicking Sign Up. Creating an account is free and easy. To create an account you only need to enter a unique user ID and a password. Your name and email are optional, if you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so.

Your user id must be a unique name such as jim2017, do not user an email address, spaces, or special characters. It is recommended to enter an email address, then you can sign in also using the email address, and can reset your password if required.


Properties Required Description
User Id
Enter a unique user id (no spaces, alpha numeric, visible to other users).
Enter a secure password.
Retype Password
Confirm password.
Password Hint
Enter a personal hint in case you forget your password.
Enter your real name (visible to other users if 'Show Name' is selected).
Enter your email addrress (not visible to other users, recommended, required for password reset).
Enter your business or personal website (visible to other users).
Enter anything about you (HTML, visible to other users).
Accept Terms
You must accept our terms of service.


  • You can also sign up using your Facebook account.

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