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Bot Libre is a free open platform for developing and hosting bots for the web, mobile, and social media. The Bot Libre platform also provides development and hosting for deep learning analytics, avatars, live chat, chat rooms, forums, scripts, and other content.

Bot Libre provides several components:

  • Website - A website and web platform that lets you create and host bots and other content.
  • Apps - Bot Libre provides several apps for Android and iOS , including bot, chat, and virtual assistant apps.
  • SDK - The Bot Libre Software Development Kit (SDK) is an open source code library that you can use to develop your own website, mobile app, or desktop application.
  • Web API - The Bot Libre web API provides an XML and JSON HTTP REST API that lets you access and integrate Bot Libre's services from any programming language or environment.
  • AI Engine - The Bot Libre AI Engine is an open source project for bots and advanced artificial intelligence developed in Java and hosted on GitHub

Bot Libre is hosted by Paphus Solutions, a Canadian Corporation that specializes in intelligence automation products and services.Bot Libre is developed by Paphus, their partners, and the Bot Libre open source community.

Paphus Solutions also provides commercial bot hosting on Bot Libre for Business, as well as bot and app development services. Dedicated and private hosting is also available, and private licensing is provided through the Bot Libre Enterprise Bot Platform.


Bot Libre provides a web based architecture that provides chat and bot services to many different clients. Bot Libre also implements many webhook APIs for integrating with other services, and can access web services and other online services.

For the web, Bot Libre provides an embed tool that automatically generates the HTML and JavaScript code to embed your bot or live chat your website. Bot Libre also provides an open source JavaScript SDK that gives you complete control to customize your interface and user experience. Bot Libre provides a web API that enables you to access your bots and Bot Libre's services from any programming language and environment.

On mobile, Bot Libre provides an open source SDK for Android and iOS. The SDK includes example apps, and connection and GUI code to make building your own bot or chat app easy. The SDK provides virtual assistant commands for performing actions on phones and devices.

Bot Libre integrates with many different social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, WeChat, and Slack. Bot Libre implements their APIs and provides https webhooks to allow real-time messaging, you only need to authorise and connect your bot. Bot Libre also supports email automation, IRC, SMS and IVR through Twilio.

Bot Libre bots can be trained without any programming, using text questions and answers, or learning from chat logs, live chat, or Twitter. Bot Libre supports tagging responses with keywords, topics, context, and other meta data to automatically match questions to responses. Bot Libre also supports patterns, templates, and scripting using Self (a JavaScript dialect), and AIML.

Bot Libre's scripting language Self allows access to XML and JSON web services, and HTML scraping. Bot Libre also provides several classes to access web services such as Google Calendar, WikiData, Wiktionary, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Email, Twilio, and more. Bot Libre bots each have their own object database to easily store data and information, and import JSON and XML data.