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The graphics library let you upload and share image, video, and audio files.


You can create your own graphic from the browse graphic page. To create a graphic, just give it a name, description, and category to categorize it under. You can either make the graphic private and choose who can access it, or make it public and accessible by anyone.


Properties Description
Graphic's Name Enter a graphic name.
Description Optional description.
Details You can enter optional additional information.
Disclaimer You can enter optional legal information.
License Optional license to release the graphic and all of its content under.
Website If this graphic has its own website, you can enter it here.
Categories Comma separated list of categories to categorize the graphic under.
Tags Optional comma separated list of tags to tag the graphic under.
Private A private graphic is not visible to the public, only to the user and users grant access.
Hidden A hidden graphic is not displayed in the browse directory.
Access Mode Define who can access this graphic.
Fork Access Mode Define who can fork(copy) this graphic.
Content Rating Rate the graphic.
Ad Code You can display ads on your graphic's pages.

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