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Website update, smoother avatar animation, chat bubbles

by admin posted May 26 2015, 11:54

The website was updated today.

The update included:

  • Smoother avatar animation using HTML5 canvas (in Firefox and Chrome)
  • Chat bubbles for the bot "box"/JavaScript embedding option.
  • Several fixes, including fixes to editing multiple forum posts, scripts, or other content at the same time.
You can disable avatar canvas usage by setting,


Chat bubbles are not used by default for backward compatibility. To enable chat bubbles on your WebChatbotListener set bubble to true in JavaScript,

var chat = new WebChatbotListener(); chat.bubble = true;

If you notice any issues, please let us know.

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Posted: May 26 2015, 11:54
Updated: May 26 2015, 11:56
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