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Botlibre Onpremise - bot creation & interaction chat mode

by jpr69 posted Aug 18 2023, 8:15

I managed to install BOTLIBRE on a debian distribution, the interface is functional and I can create a bot according to the template, however when I try to chat nothing reacts and I have no trace either debug, could you help me?
Many thanks.

by admin posted Aug 21 2023, 14:44
Most likely your sdk.js in tomcat/webapps/botlibre/scripts/sdk.js is not pointing at the correct URL, you need to update it to your domain name, IP, or localhost.

i.e. uncomment,
// Development server (comment for production or uncomment development)
//SDK.DOMAIN = window.location.host;
//SDK.DOMAIN = "";
//SDK.APP = "/botlibreplatform";
//SDK.scheme = "https:" == document.location.protocol ? "https" : "http";

You can also right click the page, inspect, and check your browser dev console for errors.

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Posted: Aug 18 2023, 8:15
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