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My bot stops to read the answer in the middle of the sentence

by anagreenit posted Oct 4 2017, 20:01

In the sentence, the voice stops at the word "administradora": 

Olá! Eu sou a Ana, e estou aqui para lhe ensinar um pouquinho de TI Verde. Caso eu não consiga sanar sua dúvida, por favor, me envie um e-mail com a pergunta para [email protected], que a minha administradora entrará em contato com você! Vamos começar? O que deseja saber? Caso queira apenas conversar, eu também gosto de falar sobre filme, música, livros, séries...

Is there a limit? 

by admin posted Oct 5 2017, 9:03
This depends on the voice you have configured your bot with.

Our own voices do not have this limit.

If you use native TTS, then we use HTML5 speech, which is dependent on the browser.
Chrome on Windows has a bug that limits the max length of the speech.
Firefox and Safari do not have this limit issue. Also Chrome on Mac does not have this issue.

We will look into adding a workaround for Chrome's bug and try to split the text into multiple speech requests.

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Posted: Oct 4 2017, 20:01
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