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Announcing Bot Libre for Android 5.0

by admin posted Dec 7 2016, 15:17

The Bot Libre Android app has been updated to 5.0.

Bot Libre lets you chat with thousands of bots, or create your own.
Bot Libre 5 includes virtual assistant support that lets bots interact with your phone and open apps or schedule events for you.
Bot Libre 5 lets you chat with bots with speech, animated avatars, buttons, and rich HTML chat content.

Bot Libre 5.0 contains many enhancements from 4.0, including:

  • virtual assistant and command support, (open apps on your phone)
  • support for buttons, links, and choices in bot chat
  • new script library, view/create/share bot scripts
  • bot scripting page, view/edit/create/import scripts
  • chat bot wars
  • improved user interface
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Posted: Dec 7 2016, 15:17
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