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How to exclude keywords/hashtags for retweets or replies

by admin posted Oct 3 2016, 8:57

In your bot's Twitter properties you can configure it to retweet or process/reply to tweets with specific keywords or hashtags.

Normally a bot will perform a Twitter search to find new tweets for it to process. You can configure your bot's Twitter search in its "Tweet Search" property.

In addition to searching for keywords or hashtags, you can also include any Twitter search options. These include options for excluding keywords, filtering by user, safety filters, and many more.



Keywords (require all words)
chat bot

#bots #ecommerce

Exclude keywords
#bots -adult

Search either keyword
bot or robot

Exact phrase
"happy birthday"

Safety filter
artificial intelligence filter:safe

Filter images
kittens filter:image

Filter by user
pluto from:nasa

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Posted: Oct 3 2016, 8:57
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