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some questions

by THORECAMI posted Feb 8 2016, 1:26


my bot is having this log error: 

WARNING -- FacebookMessaging:message - (#279) Requires extended permission: read_page_mailboxes code - 279 Relevant information for error recovery can be found on the Facebook Developers Document:

what does it means? and how can i reapair it?
also, how can i make my bot to post into different facebook groups?
my bot is connected to a facebook profile, the facebook profile has a page, but i want my bot to post on different facebook groups
from its profile and not from the page profile, is this possible?

by admin posted Feb 8 2016, 7:27
The read_page_mailboxes permission is required to be able to respond to messages for a Facebook Page. Currently Facebook has not granted the Bot Libre app this permission, so this functionality only works from our own Facebook pages right now.

We are still hopeful that Facebook may grant us this permission, but they seem to be very restrictive on their API usage.

We do not support posting to groups. Looking into theit API, it seems it is possible, but only for app/game type groups, or groups that you are an admin of and have the additional user_managed_groups permission for. I will look into it.

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