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by admin posted Feb 3 2016, 12:40

I just added a Docs page to BotLibre.org with some references to docs, and a link to the AI engine JavaDoc.


There is a lot of documentation on the BotLibre.com site, and blog.

There is a basic architecture diagram for the AI engine here,


>> GUI

The test GUI is pretty simple and just used for testing. The AI engine is designed for use with our web platform, but we have not released the code for the web platform yet. It was our intention to release it as Platform Libre, but we are not there yet.


We would also like to develop a PC UI, such as Swing or SWT for a standalone download for Windows, Mac, Linux. The goal would be to convert the main screens from our web platform into an application.

We would also like to develop a standalone Android version, it could use the same UI as our Android SDK but have local bots.

>> Create

From the test GUI each bot has its own database. The engine also supports creating a schema for a bot, so you can have many in a single database (this is what our web platform uses).

>> Switch

Yes, changes to a new bot and database.

>> Chat Logs

See, http://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=30598


You can import an AIML file from the "Load Self file" menu, it can load AIML or Self.

>> Self

The "Bootstrap" menu will add a bunch of Self scripts. They are in the org.botlibre.knowledge package. Or you can browse our script library here,


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