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FAQ : How to test if your Twitter bot is working

RE: How to test if your Twitter bot is working

by admin posted Nov 11 2015, 8:28

Twitter bots will automatically respond to mentions and messages every time they check their status. How often the bots check their status depends on your account and server.

On www.botlibre.com, basic accounts will only check their status once per day. You can upgrade your account to Gold or Platinum to check every hour, or 20 minutes.
See, http://www.botlibre.com/upgrade.jsp

We also have a dedicated Twitter, Facebook, and email server that runs Twitter bots continuously.
See, http://twitter.botlibre.com
Each cycle takes an hour or so. You can also upgrade your account to Bronze or Gold to check every 30 minutes, or 10 minutes.
See, http://twitter.botlibre.com/upgrade.jsp

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Posted: Nov 11 2015, 8:28
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