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A live chat channel for help with this website, and with creating and training bots.
Alias: @Help
Categories: BOT libre, Help
Tags: botlibre, help
Created: Jan 20 2014, by: admin
Thumbs up: 5, thumbs down: 3, stars: 3.88
User online: 1
Admins online: 0
Messages: 244006
Connects: 72150, today: 0, week: 196, month: 1063
Last Connect: Today, 0:26
Bot Libre Live Chat
Bot Libre Live Chat
A chat room for general discussion on the Bot Libre website.
Alias: @Bot Libre Live Chat
Categories: BOT libre, Business, Web
Tags: botlibre
Created: Feb 3 2014, by: admin
Thumbs up: 6, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.57
User online: 1
Admins online: 0
Messages: 15108
Connects: 3515, today: 0, week: 10, month: 39
Last Connect: Yesterday, 15:18
Bot Libre Dev
Bot Libre Dev
Chat room for developers of the open source project.
Alias: @Bot Libre Dev
Categories: BOT libre
Tags: botlibre,, dev, github
Created: Feb 10 2016, by: admin
Thumbs up: 2, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.0
User online: 0
Admins online: 0
Messages: 8550
Connects: 3290, today: 0, week: 0, month: 3
Last Connect: Oct 23, 13:53