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Bot Libre Forum : How to create a continuous conversation?

RE: How to create a continuous conversation?

by admin posted Nov 10 2019, 8:57

There are several ways to define conversations for your bot.

These include

  • conversation flows/trees using our response "next" feature
  • topics
  • previous
Normally conversation flows are the best method, as they are isolated and more structured,

If you want a less structured method using topics is a good option. Topics can be isolated/exclusive as well.
You can also have topic specific default responses.

You can also use the response "previous" (AIML "that") to defined context specific response. The previous response is the bot's previous response. You can also have previous specific default responses.


You can also do more advanced things through code using "think", "condition", and Self scripts.

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Posted: Nov 10 2019, 8:57
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