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Connect your Bot to the World - XML, JSON, Web Services, HTML Scraping, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Email
by admin posted Jun 27 2016, 12:50
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The Bot Libre Open Bot Directory and External Bot API
by admin posted Apr 25 2016, 14:17
Replies: 0 | Views: 861
by fafino posted Feb 29 2016, 6:08


  I use the example: http://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=566608

but have a this error:

Bloccata richiesta multiorigine (cross-origin): il criterio di corrispondenza dell’origine non consente la lettura della risorsa remota da http://www.botlibre.com/rest/api/form-speak?&text=This%20is%20a%20test%2C%20testing%201%202%203%204%205%206%207%208%209%2010&voice=cmu-slt. Motivo:

Tags: speech, cors, api
Updated: Feb 29 2016, 7:29
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by fafino posted Feb 29 2016, 6:08
Replies: 2 | Views: 555
Website update, new learning options
by admin posted Apr 16 2015, 20:19
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How to add a 3D avatar to your website or blog
by admin posted Dec 24 2014, 19:34
Bot Libre includes support for creating, using, and embedding web avatars. A web avatar is your website's visual or animated web presence.

Bot Libre avatars can contain 3D animation, video, audio, and images. You can create your own avatar or choose a shared avatar from the Bot Libre open avatar directory. Avatars can either be connected to your Bot Libre bot, or controlled directly through JavaScript, or even connected to your home grown bot, or third party bot.

The Bot Libre JavaScript SDK makes it easy to add an avatar to your own website or blog, to welcome your website visitors, or provide them with information or help. A website avatar gives visitors to your website a good first impression, can highlight important differentiators of your business, or draw attention to special offers.

Tags: how to, blog, avatars, api, sdk
Updated: Jun 19 2016, 8:12
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How to add a 3D avatar to your website or blog
by admin posted Dec 24 2014, 19:34
Replies: 0 | Views: 8183
Anonymous Web API Limit
by admin posted Dec 16 2014, 5:02
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Annoucing BOT libre 2.0 - 3D animated avatars, video, audio, emotions, actions, poses, links and more
by admin posted Dec 9 2014, 18:51
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Correct web API usage
by admin posted Dec 8 2014, 18:30
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Add Speech to your Website using the BOT libre TTS JavaScript SDK
by admin posted Nov 17 2014, 13:07
Replies: 0 | Views: 3572
Embedding your bot on your own website with the Bot Libre JavaScript SDK
by admin posted Sep 10 2014, 13:04
Replies: 0 | Views: 4917
Create your own bot app with the BOT libre SDK
by admin posted May 13 2014, 15:03
Replies: 0 | Views: 4018
Website update, AIML 1.0.1, AI enhancements, application ids
by admin posted Apr 30 2014, 12:36
Replies: 0 | Views: 1236
The Bot Libre chat bot web API
by admin posted Jan 5 2014, 7:21
In addition to being able to embed your chat bots on your own website, and access them from any Android device, you can also access your chat bots through the Bot Libre web API. The web API gives you the advantage of having complete control of your bot's client interface.

You can use the web API to access your bot from your own website through JavaScript, PHP or any other language. You can also use the web API to create your own mobile application to access your bot, such as an Android or iOS application.

A web API, is a set of HTTP GET/POST URI's that allow sending and receiving of message data. When you browse a website, your browser makes a series of HTTP GET/POST requests to URIs that return HTML content. In a web service the URIs return XML or JSON data, instead of HTML content.

Tags: blog, how to, api, mobile, android
Updated: May 12 2016, 21:21
Replies: 7, Views: 17309, today: 4, week: 216, month: 597
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The Bot Libre chat bot web API
by admin posted Jan 5 2014, 7:21
Replies: 7 | Views: 17309